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Starship Technologies Revolutionizes the Transport of Goods

Starship Technologies developed a self-driving robot that makes the transport of goods not only faster and cheaper, but also more eco-friendly. 

STA_mobile_2Starship Technologies is an internationally oriented start-up established by the Skype co-founders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis. Their vision is to effectively and drastically reduce the costs, delivery time and ecological impact of deliveries. While the American competitors Google and Amazon test drones, the Starship robot drives on streets and sidewalks to its customers. This results in a key advantage: equipped with an integrated navigation and obstacle detection system, the robot moves autonomously without being a danger for other traffic participants. Nevertheless, staff members are able to interfere at any time, to see the surroundings from the perspective of the robot, and even to communicate with other people through the robot. Unlike drones, these robots don’t need to show consideration for air traffic and therefore save substantial effort regarding safety and other legal issues.

As already mentioned, the start-up is focused on the last important mile that the parcel travels from the warehouse to its customer. This will only cost 10% of the current price and will provide more convenience to the client. The robot will be able to carry two grocery bags’ equivalent worth of deliveries. The delivery will take five to thirty minutes and the customer can choose a narrow time slot for it. In the meantime, the route of the robot can be monitored with an app in real time and the delivery is protected from theft because the robot can only be opened by the customer through the app.

It is also important for the company that no more polluting carbon dioxide will be emitted. The robot is battery-powered and needs less energy than a normal light bulb.

Stellbrink IP is pleased to be a part of that revolution and very happy about the rising success of our client.