Stellbrink&Partner logoStellbrink IP is a management consulting firm positioned in the field of Intellectual Property law and strategy management. We offer new and comprehensive approaches to innovation and IP asset management. To also be able to consult specifically in all technical and legal areas of industrial property protection, we established the IP firm Stellbrink & Partner. Find out more about our cooperation:

Stellbrink IP’s goal is to improve the innovation results and to raise their development productivity. Our proprietary methods and tools help us to identify and evaluate the innovation activity.

  • New data analyses and benchmarks
  • Investigation of acquisitions research & development
  • Precise determination of cycles and maturity
  • Prediction of all developments up to five years in the future
  • More significant due-diligence and f-t-o reports
  • Determination of measure and support for product or technology portfolios
  • Attainment of technological leadership
  • Increasing efficiency of R&D
  • Reduction of the IP portfolio costs
  • Prevention of IP breaches and its financial risks
  • Technology M&A, transactions, financing
  • Lasting yield increase of existing and prospective products
  • Increase of the company value
  • Intellectual property right exploitation
  • Support and execution
  • Change Management
  • KPIs
  • Efficiency increase
  • Implementation of new processes and expertise

Through our longstanding experience in the fields of IP law and technology consultancy we are able to define the entire value chain and find out if and when an investment in new technologies is profitable. By our knowledge and experience about innovation, IP assets, strategy advice and our competence to advice legally enables minimizing the risk of these investments and guarantees a better yield with a more efficient usage of cycles.

With regular analysis of technology and innovation we make a worldwide overview of relevant technology activities for a selected product group and moreover elaborate task packages for an optimization of technology investments and product profitability. We provide detailed and substantiated SWOT-analyses about the current and prospective global positioning of a company and therefore a realistic status quo analysis.

Stellbrink IP integrates specialists of multiple disciplines for a unique and convergent consulting on the increasing diversity and complexity of innovation and IP assets.

Stellbrink IP wins Intellectual Property Awards as ‘Best IP Management Consultants’

We are proud that we have one Acquisition International Magazine’s Intellectual Property Awards 2016 as ‘Best IP Management Consultants‘!  

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