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The Berlin European Inventor Award was awarded by the European Patent Office (EPO) for inventors who made ​​an outstanding contribution to the social, technological or economic progress.

Of the six winners, Artur Fischer (94) got the prize for his lifework. He has registered1100 patents over the past 70 years (eg the synchronized flash device). The two Danes Peter Holme Jensen and Claus Helix Nielsen were excellent in the category “Small and medium-sized enterprises” for their effective and inexpensive method of water filtration that works with aquaporin membranes.  Read the Rest


Swiss researchers were the first to achieve tremendous success in cancer patients in the field of regenerative medicine by growing cartilage cells of the nasal septum in petri dishes to create new nose wings and transplant them in the face of their patients. New muscle and adipose tissue form within half a year.

It is a long way until the growth of kidneys, livers, or even a heart, however, presently with cartilage on the rise. Healing through the body’s own tissue regeneration, which fully grows from certain autologous cartilage cells in the patient’s own blood serum. Studies of these kind are very costly, however, two German companies fight far ahead at the front: Urotiss with their product MukoCell, offering a solution for urethral strictures and Co.don, that specializes more and more on cartilage defects of the knee, ankle, hip, elbow and shoulder. Currently, additional sponsors for the admission studies in Europe and the USA are wanted.