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Opposition is stirred against the digital revolution. For example, German Amazon employees in distribution centers or even taxi drivers, are resisting the placement of private chauffeurs through apps. It is very difficult to find the golden mean in the discussion about what is technically possible and socially desirable. On the one hand it is critical to question how far companies submit to the progress, but on the other hand, they must stay competitive, especially to China, Korea or the U.S. in order to continue to guarantee prosperity. It is therefore advisable to at least pro-actively pursue modernization and innovations as well as, to increase the pace of adaptability, if necessary.  Read the Rest

LG requests to stop selling cars from BMW and AUDI in Korea

LG has started patent litigation in Korea and tries BMW and AUDI to stop selling the respective automobile models in Korea. The subject matter of the suit are LED flood lights by OSRAM which have been implemented in the auto models. This is probably a counter-attack as OSRAM had started patent litigation in Korea earlier with the attempt to force LG and SAMSUNG to stop exporting several types of LEDs. Corresponding suits had also been established in the U.S., Japan and China before.