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Convergence for divergent trends


Opposition is stirred against the digital revolution. For example, German Amazon employees in distribution centers or even taxi drivers, are resisting the placement of private chauffeurs through apps. It is very difficult to find the golden mean in the discussion about what is technically possible and socially desirable. On the one hand it is critical to question how far companies submit to the progress, but on the other hand, they must stay competitive, especially to China, Korea or the U.S. in order to continue to guarantee prosperity. It is therefore advisable to at least pro-actively pursue modernization and innovations as well as, to increase the pace of adaptability, if necessary. 

Also, managers are standing before making important decisions in terms of innovation that must be made ​​as quickly as possible, in order to respond early enough to technological change. Clever ideas of global start-up enterprises can frequently and unexpectedly revolutionize entire industries and thus represent and question more and more business models, because diverse solutions are offered to the needs of customers.

However, many fear it when the outdated must give way to the new, however it is the surprizing element what constitutes the essence of innovation. The great amount of innovations brings a compulsion with them to be evaluated, but together with the random innovation they represent the most important source for change. To only bring product enhancements to the market is no longer enough. Systematically innovating and setting trends yourself is absolutely required, and this is exactly where Stellbrink IP can help.