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Patent Chief Beat Weibel settles on Quality instead of Quantity for Siemens in the Future

The technology group Siemens will change its strategy and intends to seek future higher-quality and more efficient patents with so-called patent families to fundamentally secure particularly important innovations. According to the saying “quality not quantity”. Currently, China is internationally the largest patent applicant. Last year, the company Samsung displaced Siemens being number 1 in the patent applications at the European Patent Office.

Samsung filed most patent applications to the European Patent Office

Munich, March 2013: For the first time Samsung and, thus, a non-European innovator filed the largest number of European patent applications. With almost 2,300 applications in 2012 Samsung took over Siemens which filed almost 2,200 patent applications. BASF is on the third rank.
The increasing filing activities by non-European applicants such as Samsung is another indicator for the further progress of globalization.